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Фирма в Эстонии - помощь вашему бизнесу

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Our Company

Bona Consulting OÜ - Estonian consulting company established in 1999. Over twenty years we are helping our clients to conduct their business in Estonia and European Union.  We keep your books, advise you about taxes and corporate finance, consult about commercial deals and other important for your business things. During the years of our work, we collected tremendous experience. Together with our client-centric business attitude, it makes Bona Consulting your best partner in doing business in or via Estonia. 

Why Estonia

Due to simple and business-friendly laws, very simple and low taxes, lack of bureocracy, Estonia became very attractive place for different bussinesses. Highest level of IT, unic e-Residence option, makes Estonia outstanding country by the simplicity of interacting with goverment , financial and otrher institutions. Estonia is te member of European Union, which allows to trade goods in services across all European countries.

Our Services
  • Estonian firms establishing

  • Setting up and mantaining the bookkeeping

  • Specifics of the business in Estonia and EU consulting

  • Taxes consulting, tax planning

  • Your virtual or real office in Estonia

  • Consulting for Residence Permit obtaining in Estonia

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